RMX Foam

Lightweight Foam Concrete

RMX Foam is a lightweight, self levelling and highly fluid concrete which will fill the shape of any void.  Once cured it is supportive and stable but can be re-excavated easily if required.

Also known as aircrete, foamed concrete, foamcrete, cellular lightweight concrete or reduced density concrete, it is perfect for filling voids, trenches and other lightweight applications.

We can also supply expanding foam concrete upon request.


This product is suitable for:



  • Highly fluid and self levelling
  • Easily pumped or placed direct from the truck
  • Low density


  • Cost saving if pumped from the truck
  • Reduces the risk of plastic shrinkage or settlement cracking
  • Can re-excavate reasonably easily if required

Product Video

Product Video

Environmental Solution

RMX Foam concrete can incorporate a proportion of GGBS, a cement replacement material that generates a much lower level of embodied CO2 emissions than ordinary cement, minimising environmental impact.

Case Studies

Trench Pour RMX Foam Watersheddles

Watersheddles Water Pipes – RMX Foam Concrete