Piling Concrete

Piling Concrete

Piling concrete is used for foundations when the bearing capacity of the surface soil is insufficient to carry the loads imposed by a structure.

The piles can be made from pre-cast concrete or steel filled with concrete which are installed into holes that are bored into the ground.

We offer a range of concrete options for piling depending on the application and load bearing requirements


This product is suitable for:


  • Excellent void filling ability
  • No compaction required
  • Reduces equipment cost
  • Strength/density can be adjusted
  • Easily pumped or placed direct from the mixer truck
  • Minimal levelling is required
  • Low shrinkage characteristics
  • Complies with NHBC regulations


  • Significant time saving and increased placement speed
  • Lower labour and equipment cost
  • Easy to place with minimal finishing required
  • Reduces or eliminates any remedial work
  • Great for multiple concrete pours

Reinforcement Options

For increased strength and improved crack resistance we can offer Reinforced Concrete.  Refer to the technical download sheet or contact our team for more information.

Environmental Solution

RMX Ezi-Flo concrete can incorporate a proportion of GGBS, a cement replacement material that generates a much lower level of embodied CO2 emissions than ordinary cement, minimising environmental impact.